About Greg Bishop

My Work

I love the natural world. I'm always scanning for what catches my eye. Mountains, birds, light, water...I try to capture what I see so I can share. Enjoy!


Greg was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has spent most of his life in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. An avid skier, hiker and cyclist, he seeks fresh air and moving through the atmosphere as therapy. 

Print Prices

Unframed Art Prints

8x10                $28

8x12                $32

11x14              $40

16x20              $100

20x30              $200

Framed Art Prints

8x10               $78

11x14             $110

16x16             $140

10x20             $160

16x20             $175

16x25             $200

20x24             $220

20x30             $300

12x36             $310

24x36             $400

Canvas Prints

8x10               $75

8x12               $85

11x14             $100

12x18            $170

16x24             $200

20x30             $300

24x36             $400

Framed Canvas Prints

12x12             $110

11x14             $140

12x18             $210

16x20             $250

12x36             $360

20x30             $360

24x36.            $420


8x10              $115

11x14            $140

16x24            $260

20x30            $340

24x36            $460


8x10              $125

11x14            $160

16x24            $300

20x30            $400

24x36            $500

Larger prints are available as well as unusual panorama ratios. 

They are custom orders and the prices are custom as well

Most any print will look great as an art print or on acrylic or metal.

Many will be beautiful on canvas.

Let me know what you are looking at and I will let you know what medium and size will look best.


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